We discuss and listen. We don’t argue.

Liberty!  Family values!  Self-defense!  CRT! National debt!  Respect for the military!  Faith and justice!  Systemic racism! Media bias! Immigration! Policing and incarceration!

These are the kinds of things we can talk about openly and calmly with each other, with folks from all sides, because our motto is: “We discuss and listen. We don’t argue.” We have no hidden agenda.

The Menifee Bridging the Divide group meets the second Friday of each month from 4:00 – 5:30 at the Sun City Villas Clubhouse. The meetings are free and open to the public (18 and up).

We are a group of local citizens from different political perspectives who want to encourage civil discussion, debate, and friendship across the political divide. We also strive to bridge other divides, such as racial, religious, and economic differences. We are not trying to convert anyone to a different belief system, nor do we allow arguing or eye-rolling or shaming from anyone. We want to foster friendship among our neighbors, even those with whom we don’t agree. 

There will be no obligation for attendees to speak at this meeting, but there will be opportunities to do so if you choose to.

4 responses to “We discuss and listen. We don’t argue.”

    • Yes! We meet monthly, in person. Our next meeting is Friday, Oct. 13, 4pm. See the Meetings tab for location and directions. I’ll email you the articles that we’ll be discussing — on the federal budget/deficit and government shutdown.

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